you've seen its foundation holding up a ragged nation

you know it in your mind what it's like and how it lies

Uzuki Yashiro
5 August 1989
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Uzuki Yashiro
Age: 17
Series: The World Ends With You
History/Background: Uzuki Yashiro is the hotheaded partner-in-erasing of Koki Kariya's. She has been working as a Harrier Reaper for two years. Not much else is known about her.
Personality: Unlike many of her colleagues, Yashiro is completely obsessed with her work. Though she has a low rank among the Reapers, she is a perfectionist in every aspect when it comes to her occupation. When she is restricted from working hard, it drives her crazy. Yashiro, like all of the Harrier Reapers, has a total disregard for the lives of Players. She values each competitor as little as trash or a Noise. This only aids her in her zealous demeanor. She has a close bond with Koki Kariya, who is always trying to get her to calm down and enjoy life. Despite her status, she remains incredibly arrogant and obsessive at all times.
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